The Shangguo Hou Lab 

About us

    Hou Lab at Shenzhen Bay Laboratory focuses on developing next-generation high spatiotemporal resolution 3D imaging techniques and using them to explore the mystery of the complex biological system.

    Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (SZBL) is a newly established institute located in the heart of the China Greater Bay Area. Launched by Peking University and Shenzhen city, SZBLfocuses on biomedical research with an initial 5-year budget of 2 billion USD. SZBL aspires to be a world-class research institute and intellectual destination dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology underlying health and diseases while spurring solutions to the grand challenges confronting our world’s population and human well-being. The mission of the SZBL is to create a new research model to boost the health sciences and to nurture the innovation-oriented biotechnology industry.

    We are currently seeking Research Assistant Professors or Research Associate Professors, Postdoctoral Researchers, and Research Assistants. We also welcome jointly doctoral students. Please contact P.I. directly.