The Shangguo Hou Lab 


    Our research focuses on developing next-generation high spatiotemporal resolution 3D imaging techniques and using them to explore the mystery of the complex biological system.

    Fully understanding the heterogenous interactions in the cellular process not only need to locate the proteins with high precision but also needs to acquire the biomolecules dynamics with high temporal resolution. Real-time 3D single-particle tracking has emerged as a powerful tool for investigating dynamic biological interactions and single-molecule tracking has the potential to revolutionize the study of biological systems due to their high spatial and temporal resolution and high sensitivity. Prof. Hou has developed several real-time 3D tracking methods, including (1) a real-time 3D single-particle tracking method with high spatial-temporal resolution (3D-DyPLoT); (2) an adaptive precision 3D tracking method (3D-PART); (3) a 3D single-molecule active real-time tracking method (3D-SMART). See an introduction of real-time single particle/molecule tracking for detail.

Research topics

1. High spatiotemporal resolution 3D imaging

2. Multiscale 3D microscopy

3. Biological application of high spatiotemporal resolution 3D imaging microscopy